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Star Wars Land

Date: October 27, 2016

Hello Disney-Lovers!

Today I came across some not-so-Disneytastic news; both Disneyland and Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios are debating whether they should have the Annual Passholders be blocked out for two months due to the opening of Star Wars Land. The crowds are going to get insane, which means more of the moolah for Disney. As many of us AP Disney-Lovers know, we don’t have to pay for a new ticket when going to the Disney parks DUE to the Annual Passes. So, Disney doesn’t make that extra hundred to two-hundred bucks when entering the parks. What does that mean for the Annual Passholders? You guessed it! Annual Passholders would have to buy a regular Disney Ticket in order to enter Star Wars Land for those first two months. Lame, in my opinion.

Date: June 5, 2016
Source: All Ears

In this post I will take a look at the Star Wars construction and some other random pictures as I walked the park. It will be “Frozen-Free” for the most part because Laura and Jeanine will be covering that new attraction in depth.

Date: June 5, 2016
Source: SlashFilm

A bunch of Disneyland rumors hit the web this week, including updates on the timetable, geography and construction of Star Wars Land, a new FastPass system that could be coming in 2016, a possible big revamp to Downtown Disney, an opening date for Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters, more information on the rumored Marvel Expansion planned for Disney California Adventure, and more.

Date: October 24, 2016

There’s been talk of a New “Millenium Falcon Ride” once Star Wars Land opens. It’s said to be a flight simulator ride (like Star Tours) that takes you on a secret mission, customized of course. There haven’t been any dates confirming when it will be open (as we can see Star Wars Land is just a big pile of dirt at the moment), but they have confirmed that the ride will exist. Not only is there talk of the Millennium Falcon ride, but there’s a First Order dark ride? No idea what is to come of that, but sounds some-what interesting, if you ask me.

Date: June 12, 2016
Source: Laughing Place

A video posted by DAPs Magic on YouTube shows a new droid roaming around the Star Wars Launch Bay inside of Disneyland park. Apparently named “Jake” the robot can be seen making his way around the area and even interacting with set pieces that light up and make noises:

Date: June 5, 2016

You read that right! Star Wars is coming to Disney, and we are ready for it. Star Wars Land has officially begun its construction in the beginning of this year.

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