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Walt Disney World: Home of the Best Two Rides

Disney World and Disneyland have a variety of the same rides. From ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, to ‘it’s a small world’, the family favorites can be found in both places. However, Disney World has the 2 best attractions when comparing the two parks.

The first attraction is The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in Disney’s Magic Kingdom. This thrilling roller coaster takes you into the infamous mine where the Seven Dwarfs work all day, digging for diamonds and other precious gems. Not only do you get to experience the magical mine where “a million diamonds shine”, but the mine train you’re sitting in rocks back and forth. It’s a very exciting ride for children and adults, and if you’re lucky, you can get a Fast Pass for this amazing attraction. Just try to get this Fast Pass a month before your trip, or you’ll be stuck waiting in line for 80 minutes (and that’s not even the most you could be waiting) or refreshing you Disney ‘My Experience’ App every second to get lucky to snag one.


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